DJ Steel Wheel

DJ Steel Wheel ,born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Durham, NC by two immigrant parents from Liberia, West Africa, is a DJ, djembe drummer, emcee, and co-owner of the independent label Homebase Music Group.

While in college(NC State) he became part of a hip hop group known as Lower Third and went by the moniker ‘”Double U Ill” alongside group members Omotade “O” and Jerrell. It was also during college that he found his love for the art of deejaying. He was known for playing music out of his college dorm room window as the crowd gathered below.

An unfortunate event for one of his college friends led to the opportunity of a lifetime. Facing a divorce, this friend and early mentor to his deejaying, had to sell his record collection. Steel Wheel used this opportunity to take his love for “moving the crowd” to the next level.

Early influences to his style of deejaying include legends such as, Jam Master Jay, Eric B, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. As an upstart he would carry records for DJ DVS (K97.5) and DJ Deluxe (102 Jamz) and owes much to these local legends. Interestingly he was also college roommates with DJ MC (102 Jamz).

DJ Steel Wheel is most comfortable when spinning golden-era Hip Hop and R&B, but has had vast experience spinning funk, Chicago and Baltimore styled house, afro-pop, soca, dancehall, top 40, dance and urban club music.

DJ Steel Wheel is also an expert at remixing songs ranging from classic to current top 40 hits. His first release, Carolina Hurricane Season, features blends of classic R&B songs. The subsequent blend mix , B-Mix, features blends from Beyonce’s most popular hits.

DJ Steel Wheel’s experience spans 12+ years in venues ranging from clubs and hotels to school, church, and family functions. A true “people person” DJ Steel Wheel never fails to engage any crowd he is charged to entertain and leave a lasting impression.