General Spade

Born as an eighties baby on a blistery November night on Buffalo, NY’s west side, General Spade has always had a deep love for hip hop with a purpose. As a kid he was subjected to the typical gun violence, domestic abuse and all around crime that many inner city youth are forced to deal with. The difference when it comes to Spade is that he has always seen his surroundings in a much different perspective from most and this perspective shines through his music. As a teenager after going in and out of group homes and detention centers, he began writing rhymes speaking about the wild things he would see in his environment and used the grammar he used while listening to other lyrical artists to help hone his immense vocabulary and wordplay and come up with a unique style of his own. After starting the crew“W.A.R.F.A.R.E.” with fellow artists Cipher Kenni, Xnow, Charlie Bronze and Mystico. Once the crew disbanded to different parts of the country Spade branched out on his own and eventually release his first mixtape “Generally Speaking” which was release to high critical acclaim and much fanfare. Spade music is universal in topics and musically but he tends to stick to high lyrical content, amazing wordplay and going to war with the ills of society. So now in living in Charlotte, NC the self proclaimed urban sociologist is back with a new project called “Streetz of Rage” that is sure to have the streets bumping in the summer of 2013. Spade has the talent to be consider one of the games best and now is the time to prove it.