Rocky Spitz

The youngest of three siblings, born to a drug addicted mother, Rocky was adopted at two weeks old and lived with his parents in Brooklyn, NY till he was 5 at that time the family moved to Charlotte, NC. It was at the age of five that Rocky began to realize his love for music with interests in Free-styling and reciting tunes such as Queen Latifah's 'Unity'.

Throughout the past years Rocky has played various instruments in school and at church. His main influence comes from various artists and stykes of music including Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Gospel, R&B, Reggae and Swing. Influential artists such as Notorious BIG, Bilal Oliver, NAS, Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Kanye West, Tribe Called Quest, Frankie Lyman and others have shaped Rocky's style.

Rocky Performs on a regular basis at venues in Charlotte, NC and has produced mixtapes which have reached a number of global locations through MySpace, His music is played on Internet Radio, at local venues and has recevied reviews on several wevsites.

Rocky's goal is to acheive the status if a Grammy Award Winning artist and awaken the world to the 'Black Hippie Movement' Keep an eye out for rocky