Ashanti Selassie

Born In Detroit Mi. the son of a music loving senior wire transfer clerk & a professional bass player. From birth Ashanti was exposed to wide range of music genres, before he was able to walk he would regularly accompany his father to rehersals who was a member in some of the most prominent bands in the Detroit area at the time. By the late 80's his mother & father had divorced & in 1990 young WarBrain his mother, younger sister, & older brother moved to Charlotte N.C.. At age 10 joined the school band chosen to play trumpet but was switched to snare drum . Conscious culturally aware Hip-Hop, soul stirring R & B, & Hardcore Dancehall of the early 90's greatly influenced the young artists sprouting musical career & FIRE vocals of his future. At age 14 Ashanti was writing R & B lyrics, learned and taught himself some of the basics of the drums, basic piano chord structure, bass guitar, guitar, & joined West Mecklenburg Highs marching / concert band. At the age of 16 Ashanti was advised to start writing lyrics again, golden words that weren't taken seriously until later in life. By this time it was Hip-Hop that was the order of his days. Free styling in school was an everyday thing in most cases he would bringing his bass & small amp to the cipher. During this time he developed a get under your skin vocal style & vivid word play that is used to this day. After graduation the realization that Emperor Haile Selassie Qedamawi as the Almighty in flesh & The Nyahbinghi Order as his rightful home this altered every aspect of his life which molded his musical message and style to 100% Blackness & no slackness . In 2000 he formed his first group named Chant Haile Selassie 1st. later renamed the BlackHearts a duo that included his sister. TBH were a mixture of Hip-Hop, R& B, Roots Reggae, & Dancehall. The group spent 2000-2005 opening up for every major reggae & dancehall artist that came to town & were regulars at every spring / summer festivals in Charlotte & surrounding areas. After a brief stay in Atlanta Ashanti Returned to Charlotte in 2007 to continue his vocal & lyric writing work. Also reconnect with his brother Fire Face, upon returning to the Queen city Ashanti & Fire Face produced a riddim named Thunderstorm this was the beginning of the of Chalice Brothers productions who would later produce 97% of The BlackHearts riddims. In 2011 his sister left the TBH's leaving Ashanti to start a very promising solo career. Ashantis’ vocal style, production & instrumental knowledge along with Fire Face as engineer, instrumentalist, & co-producer make him destine to reach the top. The fact that all tracks he uses in live performences he co-produces & his music is genre less this sets him apart from most artists of this time. Every time Ashanti touches the stage & mic he leaves the crowd satisfied & stunned at his AMAZINGLY energetic stage presence & gruff vocals. When asked what his limit is Ashanti replied “my limit is pon top of the sky”. Ashanti Selaasie AKA Mr. WarBrain is a bright shining star in today’s dark musical environment. To put it his words Ashanti is musical LAVA.