Ida Divine & The Garvey Collective

Ida an ancient African leaf shaped spear, a symbol of strength, fearlessness, and protection. Divine to shine upon to enlighten. Ida Divine married into one of the first mob families of Las Vegas. She played a key role by delivering cash payouts throughout the US to mob bosses who had a stake in the gambling and casinos. Probably one of the first "ride or die chicks" she represents power and courage how else you can explain her ability to elude the FBI and never be harmed by the mob bosses she delivered suitcases of money to. She owed her survival to being smart, highly respected, and classy.

So when you hear the name Ida Divine think bold, classy, powerful. A singer with vocals so fierce, that when she sings it is like a light shinning into the cracks and crevices of the soul to a place where pain seeps, often forgotten but always felt like the prick of a needle, feeling gone as soon as it comes.

A native of Staten Island, NY she grew up watching mob movies with her father and hanging out with one of her best friends who is the sister of one of the members of the Wu Tang Clan. With Hip Hop as her baby sitter rapping, singing, and creating lyrics was as natural as hopscotch and jacks. Extremely shy as a child no one knew about the gifts she possessed.