Jose Perez (born Feburary 4th, 1988) better known by his stage name "INF" is an American hip-hop artist. Inf was born and raise in Passaic, NJ and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Inf is of Colombian and Puerto Rican descent. His rap influence mostly came from 90s rap juggernauts and then develop his own style once he got more into writing rhymes. Inf was always one of the youngest of the crew and rapidly grew street creditbility once the older crowd heard him rhyme. He started off writing songs for fun with his friends and fell in love with the passion and process of creating music. With clever punchlines with a nice flow and delivery, he quickly earned a name for himself. Since then he hasn't stopped writing lyrics and is always trying to perfect his craft. Inf is one of those rare type of artist who takes pride in the lyrical content of every record he puts out. Inf's first mixtape "POTG"(Product of the Ghetto) gave him the recognizition from other local rappers and quickly gave him the respect in the underground music scene. Inf has recently joined with the INDIE label UMA (Underground Music Association) and was hooked up with various producers and engineers (Dre Mendoza, Hex, General Spade, Josh Owens). Currently, Inf is working on his follow up mixtape "The Gift and the Grind" which is due out late 2012. Inf also will be feature in a joint mixtape callaboration with fellow UMA artist Genreal Spade. Destine to be one of the most lyrical emcees of our time, Inf has made it his goal to create great records for everyone to listen and enjoy.