On any given day, if you are real still, you can feel the earth shift. This is no ordinary shift of time and place, but of a generational mindset and the cause of this seismic movement is Quill. Lacing lyrics with a consciousness that is easy to understand, Quill’s prolific flow is a comparable mix of Common, Mos Def and Lil Wayne with a North Carolina flavor. "So Sorry Momma" a track featured on Talib Kweli's Community mixtape and 2010 "Gutter Rainbows Tour," shows the depth of this man’s soul and the influence of his mother’s love of words. Hartford born, Mason (Quill) Parker emerged onto the hip-hop scene as a youth committed to lyrics that would ensure his universal message would be brought to the epicenter of the masses. This former WSSU Poet Laureate and two time featured poet at the National Black Theater Festival recently took his flow from the mic to the stage with his acting debut as “Herc” in On Q Productions’ “Rhyme Deferred” by Khamila.